STS-AIM uses experience, knowledge and passion to safely complete all projects with quality and financial accountability.  We do this through a thorough review off all applicable documents.


Inventory Project Documents:

Use up-to-date information providing visibility of the entire project scope.  Use this information for research to obtain a workable project plan.  Using Microsoft Project Schedule and associated project software develop and maintain project library.

Analyze Findings:

Based on many analytical views (reports, charts, graphs, indicators, etc.) of the project documents, current issues and previous experience develop a project plan.  Review this plan based on the findings for compatibility, thoroughness and accuracy.

Mobilize and execution:
Use the project plan with timely communication of status and performance metrics.  Firm but fair administration of all trades to comply with the project plan.


Maintain close and thorough knowledge of all aspects of the project elements.  Be available to the project team at all times to support the dynamic needs of the project team and the project owners.  


Through sustained effort, hard work, constant monitoring and using patience and understanding to fulfill the project plan.


Through a binding commitment to the project plan take a course of action to implement, execute, measure/adjust, test, train and complete the project to the customer/users satisfaction.